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Integral to Plato Partnership’s vision is academic research – the Market Innovator (MI3). This will produce independent research and analytics, open to peer review, and aimed at seeking out ways in which the Plato community can collaborate to build a better financial ecosystem.

Plato Partnership’s members believe that there has long been a desire to have a mechanism whereby all market participants can collectively address regulatory imperatives, communication flows, or other universal processes that are not competitive differentiators. The economics of tackling those individual issues through a preformed collective will enable Plato Partnership to take serious costs out of the system and earn trust. The members believe that Plato Partnership holds a unique position and through its Market Innovator (MI3), will be able to create a flow of truly compelling proposals.

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“This is an exciting and important initiative that explicitly recognises the need for academic research into these key issues. Such research will be significantly enhanced by improved data availability and the implicit links between academic researchers and practitioners that this project envisages.”

Professor Sir John Beddington, head of a wide-ranging UK government-backed 2012 study into the long-term effects of computerised trading on markets

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