Venue data

June 2018 set new records:


  • RECORD: Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ biggest trade ever, €17.33mn executed on 28 June 2018.


  • RECORD: Turquoise Lit Auctions™ total value traded in June 2018 reached a new high of €1.22bn+33% from May 2018.


Moreover, we are happy for you also to share the following regarding Turquoise Plato, Turquoise Plato Block Discovery and Turquoise Lit Auctions™.

Turquoise Plato™ MONTHLY value traded equalled €12.68bn in June 2018.


Turquoise Plato Block Discovery average trade size for all trades in June 2018 was €509,539.


 Turquoise Plato Block Discovery maximum trade size for all trades in June 2018 was €17.33mn (+37.25% vs May 2018).


Turquoise Plato Block Discovery average trade size for MiFID II ESMA Band 8 and 9 blue chips above LIS was €1.31mn in Q2 2018 (+3.4% vs Q1 2018).


Turquoise Plato Block Discovery customers have matched €112.5bn since launch of service on 20 Oct 2014 to end of June 2018, of which€108.4bn (96%) of total since September 2016 announcement of cooperation with Plato Partnership.


Turquoise Lit Auctions is truly multilateral in nature, with merely 17.7% of trades executed with same member on both sides and 1.1% self-matched within 100 milliseconds.   Looking at May and June combined, only 0.06% of total activity occurred when the same counterparty was on both sides, both orders were received within 100ms AND the order sizes were the same on both the buy and sell!     Truly multilateral in nature