2022 Online Plato Partners showcase: 18th May, 13:00-15:00 UK time zone

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TimeSession name:Presenter:
13:00Plato Partnership welcome, introduction and overviewMike Bellaro, CEO, Plato Partnership
13:10How has Turquoise Plato changed the landscape for block trading and achieved significant growth, with more than €1.1 trillion in equities traded by clients.

Update on the Turquoise Plato Partnership successes, since launch, and contributions to industry market structures.

Unique, undisclosed dark opportunity for incremental liquidity through TAL and value-add multilateral functionality through Lit Auctions.

Join the debate to gain valuable insight into the rising growth opportunities and how investors can unlock liquidity through innovation
– Dr Robert Barnes
Group Head of Securities Trading & CEO Turquoise
– Scott Bradley
Securities Trading Head of Sales & Platform Distribution
13:35Plia:  Helping you Know what you should Know
1. Know Your Broker, Know Your Customer, Know Your Supply Chain
2. Why Knowing is Better (Fiduciary obligations)
3. How to Share What you Know (Centralized platform)
4. Why Knowing Reduces Risk (Better counterparty selections)
5. How to Know What to Know (Crowdsourced Questions)
6. Don’t be the Last to Know (Competitive Advantage)
– Dave Lauer, CEO
– Anita Karppi, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
– Gary O’ Connor, Chief Operating Officer
– Amy Scott, Product Manager
14:00 Using BMLL to understand market quality and liquidity to maximise execution efficiency– Ben Collins, Head of Sales
– Will Dean, Quantitative Analyst
14:25Routing Analytics and Improvement of Trading Performance
• History
• Products:
– Algo Vista: Routing & Venue Consulting
– Algo Assist: OMS/EMS integrated    
multi-broker algo selection
– Data Capture: Multi broker data warehousing
• Routing data

Recent Research: Trading strategy can have a significant impact on trading cost when trading a stock with a high retail market share.  Trading strategies that primarily access lower-volume non-primary exchanges can create information leakage, which leads to adverse price movement.
Case Study: Example of how real-time algo strategy selection tool is used to reduce transaction cost.
– Linda Giordano,
– Jeff Alexander,
14:50Closing commentsMike Bellaro, CEO,
Plato Partnership


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