3rd CEPR-Imperial-Plato Market Innovator (MI3) Conference 2019 – Opening Remarks



3rd CEPR-Imperial-Plato Market Innovator (MI3) Conference 2019

Opening Remarks

Alice Gast (President of Imperial College)


Professor Alice P. Gast is the president of Imperial College. Prior to her appointment at Imperial, Professor Gast was the 13th President of Lehigh University from August 2006 to August 2014. Other leadership roles include serving as the Vice-President for Research and Associate Provost and Robert T. Haslam Chair in Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2001 – 2006.


Main Takeaways and Quotes


Professor Gast’s opening remarks set the tone for a conference focused on community, collaboration, innovation and overcoming of the pressing issues for all those who engage with European markets and beyond.


“This is the third year that the Centre for Economic Policy Research, Imperial College Business School’s Centre for Global Finance and Technology, and the Plato Partnership have organised this conference together.
“Your first such conference took place only a few days after the one-year anniversary of the Brexit referendum – I’m glad to see you all here and I want to reiterate that we remain a fully international university that will advocate for international collaborations and talent mobility.
“Although Imperial may be best known among the general public for our advances in science, engineering and medicine – from penicillin and holography to the monorail and metamaterials – our contributions to understanding financial markets and regulation are profound and growing.
“This is a rapidly changing field and we are a relatively agile and rapidly changing academic institution. We are also a very collaborative institution and we work across disciplinary boundaries.
“The Centre for Global Finance and Technology, is ably led by Dr Andrei Kirilenko and Anne Louise Burnett. They have helped build upon Imperial’s multidisciplinary lead in fields like data science and econometrics to develop new opportunities in FinTech.
“Our Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis, led by Professor Franklin Allen, is helping practitioners and governments to better understand and prevent financial crises.
“And you’ll know many of our academics, including current and former Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee members Professor Jonathan Haskell and Professor David Miles.
“That’s what we do at Imperial – we go beyond understanding the world, we aim to shape it. From our founding charter in 1907, a core part of our mission is to work with industry for the benefit of society. That ethos is reflected in today’s conference.
“Practitioners, regulators and academics are coming together to better understand European equity market liquidity. The MiFID II era shows a shared intent, across sectors, to address the weaknesses that were exposed by the global financial crisis.
“There is a deep need for independent research and empirical data, rooted in market experience, of the kind you are producing. Governments, regulators and the wider public will benefit.
“I would like to thank Plato for their ongoing support of independent high-quality research. Plato’s encouragement of the development of a network of European academics to independently research equity market structure is paramount to building and improving markets.
“My colleagues inform me that the data Plato has made available to academics is the highest quality in the world for equity. Your support for collaboration between sectors to strengthen evidence-based policymaking is to be encouraged.
“I must admit that the topics you are discussing today are rather chilling. I am certain it will be an exciting and productive day with fruitful new ideas in this important area.  You are at the forefront of academia and market practice, and today provides an important opportunity to collaborate further at the leading edge of research and discovery.”


Images: Muhammad Ashraf ©2019