3rd CEPR-Imperial-Plato Market Innovator (MI3) Conference 2019



3rd CEPR-Imperial-Plato Market Innovator (MI3) Conference 2019


The 2019 Plato Partnership MI3 academic conference was held at the Imperial College London Business School in conjunction with Imperial College and the Centre for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR).


Attendees comprised industry practitioners and senior academics from around the world. Seven papers were presented through the day, a panel discussion featuring representatives from Plato, BMLL, and Turquoise was chaired by Plato Sell-Side Chairman Nej D’jelal, and keynote speeches were given by Andrei Kirilenko of Imperial College Business School, Elliot Banks from BMLL, and Dr Robert Barnes from Turquoise.


Here you can find videos with insights from the academics and speakers, as well as summaries of their presentations.




Opening Remarks 

By Alice Gast


Paper Summaries

Paying for Market Liquidity: Competition and Incentives

Do We Need Electronic Stock Dealers?

Large Orders in Small Markets: On Optimal Execution with Endogenous Liquidity

Market fragmentation, dissimulation, and the disclosure of insider trades

Quasai-dark trading: The effects of banning dark pools in a world of many alternatives

The benefits of Periodic Auctions beyond MiFID II Dark trading caps

Tick Size Wars. Competitive Tick Size Regimes and Trader Behavior



A Year since MiFID II

Market Structure in Europe and Beyond

BMLL Data – Feature Generation at Scale

Tick Size


Plato Discussion Panel

Robert Barnes (Turquoise)

Mike Bellaro (Plato)

Christoph Hock (Union Investment and Plato)

Ben Collins (BMLL)

Chaired by Nej D’jelal (Barclays Investment Bank and Plato)