About Babelfish

Based in New York, BabelFish Analytics is an independent, employee-owned, unconflicted provider of transaction cost analysis for the US and European equity marketplace. They help hedge funds and mutual funds to identify, understand, and lower the costs associated with inefficient trading strategies.

The Clarity consulting product line was launched in 2014 and has grown to accept venue and routing data from almost 40 brokers. Clarity will soon begin analysing non-US routing and venues, and a global portfolio/trader level full-service TCA product is currently in early stages of QA.

Plato Partnership recently announced that it will be introducing BabelFish Analytics’ ClarityReveal, a next generation trade cost analysis platform as Plato-Clarity, to the European market. BabelFish will be Plato’s preferred partner for comprehensive broker analytics, offering third party performance evaluation of brokers, algorithms, and venues. Additionally, Babelfish and Plato will offer a product that collects, warehouses, and normalizes the associated (anonymised) data for bespoke analysis.

Additionally, Plato and Babelfish will establish an advisory board comprised of both buy- and sell-side industry members to provide guidance and insight into methodology, product enhancements, and research.

To find out more please contact LearnMore@babelfishanalytics.com