About Urvin.Compliance

Urvin.Compliance is a new financial technology firm that was formed with the explicit goal of transforming the counterparty management process for the institutional trading community. With the ever-expanding information gap between asset managers and their counterparties, Urvin.Compliance has developed solutions that will centrally organise relevant information such that risks can be mitigated and fiduciary responsibilities can be managed.  Urvin.Compliance acquired the Plia Platform in 2019 and has invested heavily in new feature sets in order to re-position it as the global standard for due diligence and counterparty management. The newly launched PLIA by PLATO version of the application will introduce next-generation technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities.

Urvin.Compliance is privately owned and operated by former leaders and practitioners in the asset management industry with deep roots in global trading, artificial intelligence, market structure, and data science.

For more information, please contact contact@urvin.ai