A new way of thinking about markets

Plato Partnership is a not-for-profit company comprising asset managers and broker dealers who are collaborating to bring creative solutions and efficiencies to today’s complex equity market place.

Plato Partnership will use the revenue it generates to commission academic research through MI3. This research will identify ever better ways of executing trades, as well as lowering the cost and improving the quality of the broad range of processes and data required to support the execution lifecycle.

Taking a truly collaborative approach to enhance the reputation of equities markets and improve the trading experience for the benefit of all market participants.

The Board is supported by three key groups; the Turquoise Plato Expert Group (TPEG), The Market Innovator (MI3), and the Plato Strategic Initiatives Group (PSIG), and all Board members are dedicated to supporting one of these groups.

Underpinning these groups there are three partner focus groups; the Plato Lab, Turquoise Plato Senior Advisory Group and the Incubation Lab, and this is where we’d like to ask you, Plato’s future partners, to get involved. New partners will be invited to join the Plato Lab, the Incubation Lab or the Turquoise Plato Senior Advisory Group to get involved and feed into the Plato Partnership network. 

Plato structure

Plato Lab – The Plato Lab will focus on research related topics and solutions, and will make formal pitches on potential areas or topics to review to our Market Innovator (MI3).

Turquoise Plato Senior Advisory Group – will look at a range of topics to improve the trading experience within Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ working group. The group will provide views, thoughts and ideas to the Turquoise Plato Expert Group and promote broader community buy-in.

Incubation Lab – The Incubation Lab will discuss, explore and promote a range of topics of need, focusing on market structure, new initiatives and improvements to the overall trading landscape. The group will make potential change of market structure recommendations to Plato’s Strategic Initiatives Group (PSIG) and will ensure that Plato Partnership has a better understanding of broader community problems and that it is looking at things holistically.

plato structure


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