A new way of thinking about markets

Plato Partnership is a not-for-profit company comprising asset managers and broker dealers who are collaborating to bring creative solutions and efficiencies to today’s complex equity market place.

Plato Partnership will use the revenue it generates to commission academic research through MI3. This research will identify ever better ways of executing trades, as well as lowering the cost and improving the quality of the broad range of processes and data required to support the execution lifecycle.

Taking a truly collaborative approach to enhance the reputation of equities markets and improve the trading experience for the benefit of all market participants.

The Board is supported by three key groups; the Turquoise Plato Expert Group (TPEG), The Market Innovator (MI3), and the Plato Strategic Initiatives Group (PSIG), and all Board members are dedicated to supporting one of these groups.

Plato structure

Turquoise Plato Senior Advisory Group – will look at a range of topics to improve the trading experience within Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ working group. The group will provide views, thoughts and ideas to the Turquoise Plato Expert Group and promote broader community buy-in.

Market Innovator (MI3) – Integral to Plato Partnership’s vision is academic research – the Market Innovator (MI3). This will produce independent research and analytics, open to peer review, and aimed at seeking out ways in which the Plato community can collaborate to build a better financial ecosystem.

Plato Partnership’s members believe that there has long been a desire to have a mechanism whereby all market participants can collectively address regulatory imperatives, communication flows, or other universal processes that are not competitive differentiators. The economics of tackling those individual issues through a preformed collective will enable Plato Partnership to take serious costs out of the system and earn trust. The members believe that Plato Partnership holds a unique position and through its Market Innovator (MI3), will be able to create a flow of truly compelling proposals

Our values

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“With support from the Plato Partnership last year, we have undertaken a comprehensive study on how machine learning techniques are being used to enhance and create new information processing flows in electronic trading. By providing access to its wide network of industry practitioners, the Plato Partnership’s involvement was crucial in getting useful insights about the gaps between theory and practice in this area and identifying important future trends. This study will enable new types of academic-industry partnerships leading to more innovation in this area.” University Professors Fethi Rabhi and Nikolay Mehandjiev.

“The Plato Market Innovator Conference has established itself as a leading platform for the European financial market structure discussion. It’s a great place for academics and practitioners to interact.” Bjorn Hagstromer professor of finance Stockholm Business School.

“The Plato events are a rare opportunity to listen to and engage with a diverse community of people and ideas, in a friendly forum. Daniel Hulme CEO Satalia

“At the crossroads of academia and market practice: an ideal platform where independent research engages with the industry to design a more efficient and fairer market” Associate Professor Barbara Rindi at Bocconi University

“Given the significant changes in our economies and markets, it is absolutely vital to ground decisions by policy-makers, regulators and by the financial industry itself in independent academic research. It is great that the industry, both buy-side and sell-side, has joined forces in the Plato Partnership to enable independent research on European market structure. We are very grateful that Plato supported our research, both with financial resources and with access to very valuable data via their co-operation with BMLL” Professor Peter GomberProfessor of e-finance, Co-chair E-Finance Lab, University of Frankfurt.

“It was a pleasure to participate in the 2020 Plato Conversations event. Financial services is an obvious place for artificial intelligence to be deployed, as it generates and depends on oceans of data, and many of the participants have the scale and the resources to be able to afford it. But we are still in the early days of the process of applying AI to the process of allocating capital, and the more we can accelerate the process, the more efficient the markets will become, which is ultimately to everyone’s benefit. The Plato Conversations are an important part of that process. Calum Chace The AI guy