Academic Research Papers (MI3)

Integral to Plato Partnership’s vision is academic research – the Market Innovator (MI3). This will produce independent research and analytics, open to peer review, and aimed at seeking out ways in which the Plato community can collaborate to build a better financial ecosystem.

Plato Partnership’s members believe that there has long been a desire to have a mechanism whereby all market participants can collectively address regulatory imperatives, communication flows, or other universal processes that are not competitive differentiators. The economics of tackling those individual issues through a preformed collective will enable Plato Partnership to take serious costs out of the system and earn trust. The members believe that Plato Partnership holds a unique position and through its Market Innovator (MI3), will be able to create a flow of truly compelling proposals.

Plato Partnership welcomes proposals for new academic research which will be reviewed by the MI3 academic group. To submit an idea email us

2022 reports:

NEW 2022 REPORT: Brave New Hybrid World . This report is sponsored by the Plato Partnership and written by Rebecca Healey, Redlap Consulting

Executive Summary <click here>

Full report <click here>

NEW 2022 REPORT: Drivers and Effects of Stock Market Fragmentation – Insights on SME Stocks. This report is sponsored by the Plato Partnership and written by Jens Lausen, Benjamin Clapham, Peter Gomber and Micha Bender from the Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany.

Executive Summary <click here>

Full report <click here>

NEW 2022 REPORT: From Fixed to Fluid. Rebecca Healey and Charlotte Decuyper, Redlap Consulting.

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Date:Topic:Author/s:Full report:Executive Summary:
2021Optimal Market Access PricingAssociate Professor Barbara Rindi, Assistant Professor Roberto Ricco and Professor Duane J Seppi.<Click here> <Click here>
2021Who benefits from colocation? Professor Björn Hagströmer, Stockholm Business School. <Click here> <Click here>
2021How do you solve a problem like a market outage? Professor Carole Comerton-Forde, UNSW and Assoc. Professor Zhuo Zhong, Uni of Melbourne<Click here>
Would RegNMS be beneficial for Europe?
Professor Carole Comerton-Forde, UNSW<Click here>
2021SME trading liquidity and market fragmentationProfessor Peter Gomber, Goethe University of Frankfurt<Click here><Click here>
2021Using Machine Learning in Electronic TradingProfessor Fethi Rabhi, UNWS
Professor Nikolay Mehandjiev, University of Manchester
<Click here> <Click here>
2021 Covid 19 – a Roadmap for ChangeRebecca Healey and Charlotte Decuyper<Click here>
Date:Topic:Author/s:Full report:Executive Summary:
2018:RFQ Panacea-or-Pipe dream TABB Group<Click here>
2018Measuring Block Trading Performance LiquidMetrix <Click here>
2017Shedding light on dark trading in EuropeProfessor Carole Comerton-Forde, <Click here>