AIR Summit and Plato Partnership Announce London Investor Fintech Event: AIR Summit: London 1.0 – Powered by Plato

AIR Summit and Plato Partnership Announce London Investor Fintech Event:

AIR Summit: London 1.0 – Powered by Plato


AIR Summit – London 1.0 powered by the Plato Partnership, is a one-day event on 2nd May that will exhibit cutting-edge technologies which help investment managers generate or maintain alpha performance in their portfolios. For the last five years, the AIR Summit has provided up and coming investment tech companies with a forum to present their innovations to leading figures in the investment management industry. The AIR Summit will bring that forum to London for the first time.


To date, 80 companies have presented to the world’s top mutual funds, ETF providers, hedge funds, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds atAIR Summit. Following the successful AIR Summit 4.0, which was held in New York City last September, this will be the first AIR Summit event outside the United States. 


AIR Summit founder, Bill Stephenson, is working to broaden the membership to include global thought-leaders from across the investment management decision-making process. Stephenson comments:


“As we witnessed after the tumultuous fourth quarter of 2018, active investment managers can outperform in times of volatility. However, the best long-term investment processes of the future will involve not just intuitive feel and risk management, but a higher level of augmented intelligence enabled by technology.
The AIR Summit is the only membership event that is focused exclusively on front-office investment management innovation – what we call AlphaTech™ – and the opportunity for members to tap into this community is what we believe will differentiate the leaders of the future from the laggards.”


Over $1.5 billion of fresh capital has been invested across companies following their participation at the AIR SummitMorgan Dunbar, Managing Partner at AIR Summit, says:


“There are hundreds of emerging companies deploying innovative technology looking to add value to the investment process – our system helps us identify companies that offer particularly valuable products.  We are also seeing significant strategic interest from investment managers to invest in promising AlphaTech™ companies to boost their competitive advantage. AIR facilitates connectivity across all nodes of this valuable network.” 


The AIR Summit has built the event and the community on a collaborative, non-commercial, invitation-only approach, focusing on bringing top thought leadership and insight to the investment management community. This approach has attracted senior-level decision makers to the event.


Mike Bellaro, CEO of the Plato Partnership, has been a long-term observer of the AIR Summit, believing that digital innovation across the trading and market structure landscape is crucial in the ever-changing world of asset management.  

Bellaro says:


“We are excited to bring the AIR Summit to London in order to showcase both local and global innovation across the investment management ecosystem.  The Plato membership is very keen to understand and integrate new ideas, so leveraging the work and insights from the AIR Summit will be a great step forward.”


For further information on becoming a member of the AIR Summit or to attend AIR Summit – London 1.0 in collaboration with the Plato Partnership, visit