Plato-Clarity: Consulting Platform

Plato-Clarity is the only interactive consulting application that takes into account every action in the life of an order. Because Plato-Clarity incorporates algorithmic data obtained directly from brokers, the platform can delve into unfilled routes, which represents the vast majority of implementation actions and potential impact. It then compiles the data into dashboards which offer actionable answers to questions around execution efficiency.

By using Plato-Clarity, European buy and sell-side market participants will be able to better understand algorithmic trading challenges such as:

· The efficiency of an algorithm’s routing sequences to venues

· If internalisation practices are improving or hindering performance

· If transaction fees and rebates are aligned with best execution metrics

· Helping traders align their execution tools with their order flow

· How to effectively apply minimums to maximize fill rates and minimize toxicity.

ClarityReveal is also available to US market participants, with almost 40 brokers providing both filled and unfilled routes, including all banks, major agency brokers, as well as brokers using all the major algorithmic management systems for both high and low touch desks.

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