CEPR Imperial Plato Inaugural Market Innovator (MI3) Conference on the Evolving Market Structure in Europe and Beyond

CEPR-Imperial-Plato Inaugural Market Innovator (MI3) Conference
Evolving Market Structure in Europe and Beyond

The inaugural Plato Partnership MI3 academic conference, Evolving Market Structure in Europe and Beyond, was held in conjunction with Imperial College London and the Centre for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR).

With over 80 attendees combining a balanced mix of industry practitioners and senior academics from across the globe, the discussions were informative, in-depth and varied. Seven papers, submitted by leading academics in advance of the day, were chosen for discussion by leading industry experts.

This document provides an easily-digestible summary of session 11, led by Plato Partnership Co-Chairs: Mike Bellaro, Managing Director, Global Head of Equities and Listed Derivatives Trading, Deutsche Asset Management, Nej D’jelal, Managing Director,Head of EMEA Electronic Equities Product, Barclays.


Announcement of the PLATO MI3 Best Paper Award and PLATO MI3 Best Paper by aYoung Researcher AwardCEPR-Imperial-Plato Inaugural Market Innovator (MI3) Conference


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Information and Optimal Trading Strategies with Dark Pools, Ariadna Dumitrescu


Dark Pool Reference Price Latency Arbitrage, Peter O'Neill


Regulating Dark Trading- Order Flow Segmentation and Market Quality, Katya Malinova


Plato Partnership Vision and Initiatives


Shedding light on dark trading in Europe, Lunch & Keynote Speech by Carole Comerton-Forde


Trades, Quotes and the Cost of Capital, Ioanid Rosu


Market Structure Evolution – Research Avenues


Data Abundance and Asset Price Informativeness, Thierry Foucault


Market Power and Price Informativeness, Savitar Sundaresan


Coordination of Circuit Breakers? Volume Migration and Volatility Spillover in Fragmented Markets, Sven Panz


Announcement of the PLATO MI3 Best Paper Award and PLATO MI3 Best Paper by a Young Researcher Award