Tradeweb Plato eBlock

Tradeweb Plato eBlock

Tradeweb Plato eBlock offers an RFQ protocol to allow buy-side participants to source and aggregate broker principal risk liquidity, addressing buy-side concerns over market fragmentation, providing the buy-side with direct control over their execution and offering both the buy and sell-side the opportunity to match, negotiate and execute with ease and certainty on a regulated venue.

eBlock allows buy-side traders to tie the sourcing of risk liquidity into the execution process using intelligent data analytics, giving them the necessary information required to make good decisions about trade execution.

Plato and Tradeweb are focused on solving market structure issues, as demonstrated by this ability to provide clients with access to highly competitive pricing via the RFQ protocol in large notional size.

The RFQ equities platform celebrated its first anniversary in December 2019.

Summary of Tradeweb Plato eBlock features

  • Fully disclosed client-to-dealer RFQ geared to principal risk trading
  • Covering all European cash equities – ordinary and preference shares, GDRs
  • Connecting buy-side clients directly to dealer central risk  books (CRBs)
  • Large in scale block trades only


  • Full electronic audit trail to evidence best execution and improve governance around the RFQ process
  • Granular pre-trade dealer pricing indication, which is also configurable by indication of interest (IOI) type
  • Leverage direct bilateral relationships to gain potential price improvement via informed dealer selection
  • Direct connectivity to a multitude of dealer CRBs and systematic internalisers all in one centralised market place
  • Integrated workflow with major OMS and EMS vendors
  • Automate trades via Automated Intelligent Execution (AiEX) and potentially improve versus smart order routers
  • TCA reporting to review counterparty performance