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Turquoise chief says industry profile has changed as block trading soars

Dr Robert Barnes, CEO  Turquoise, has told The TRADE there has been an underlying change in how business is getting done.

The volatility sparked by the global coronavirus pandemic has led to a shift in how traders are interacting with larger-sized trades, and the profile of the Turquoise Plato dark pool has evolved over time from mainly small sized trades several years ago in 2016, to the majority of activity being large-sized electronic blocks in the first quarter this year.

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Scott Bradley, Turquoise: Large-in-scale and periodic auctions continuing apace

Scott Bradley, head of sales and marketing, LSE secondary cash markets and Turquoise, tells TRADE TV about the rise of large-in-scale (LIS) trading on the Turquoise Plato Block Discovery platform.

Plato Partnership enters Cooperation Agreement with Turquoise

  • Agreement formally brings together for the first time buy-side, sell-side and trading venue to deliver increased efficiencies in anonymous European equity block trading
  • Turquoise will rebrand its non-displayed services as Turquoise Plato™, including the award winning Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ and Turquoise Plato Uncross™
  • Plato Partnership and Turquoise will jointly promote the use of Turquoise Plato™ and co-develop the next generation of anonymous European equity block trading services

How does the Cooperation Agreement work?

The Cooperation Agreement works as follows:

  • Plato Partnership and Turquoise will jointly promote the use of Turquoise’s award winning existing block trading services and will use these as the platform from which to deliver further functional enhancements for the benefit of all market participants.
  • Turquoise will rebrand its non-displayed services, reinforcing the importance which both parties ascribe to their cooperation. The services will now be known as Turquoise Plato™.
  • The parties will work closely together and inclusively with the wider buy and sell-side community to develop and validate enhancements to the Turquoise Plato™ market model that set standards for marketplace excellence, including now and future best practice in electronic block trading.

Both the buy-side and sell-side members of Plato Partnership have a common objective to ensure a rational market structure for block trading under MiFID II, and collectively believe this would be best served via collaboration with existing venues.

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Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™

Innovation for Alpha capture in global markets

Growth in cumulative value traded reflects benefits of award winning electronic block trading

Source: Turquoise

Turquoise Plato Block Discovery

  • Award winning innovation designed in partnership with customers

€156.2bn matched since 2014 launch to end December 2018 of which
€152.1bn or 97% traded since September 2016

2017 The TRADE’s Leaders in Trading 2017 Award for Outstanding Block Trading Venue

2015 Financial News Award for Excellence in Trading and Technology

Most Innovative Trading Product / Service